Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons Approach

A simple beginner guitar lessons approach will save most beginners from frustration. The truth is no beginning guitarist will say that learn to play the guitar is easy. There are some new things to learn, from training the chording fingers to do what the player wants, putting the picking fingers on the right strings and tell them what string(s) to pick or strum, coordinating both the fretting and picking fingers to work in harmony, not to mentioned that they have to figure out what chords should be played as well. To help you overcome these problems here you will learn some simplified guitar lessons for beginners.

Beginner Guitar Lessons Theory – What to Expect?

When we are talking about guitar theory the most important things to cover are guitar scales and some basic guitar chords. Don’t worry as we will cover this part in the next posts. You will also learn about guitar tuning and guitar tabs. A good beginner guitar chords approach will help you learn guitar chords as soon as possible and apply them in some easy guitar songs so you’ll be ready to show off in no time. Sounds cool? You bet! Read the rest of this entry »

Beginner Guitar Lessons – Introduction

Welcome to the Beginner Guitar Lessons! I’m happy you’re here. If you are new to playing guitar then this free guitar tutorial is what you need. Please don’t expect nor push yourself too hard to be able to play or shred your guitar like all those pros or guitar gods since playing guitar, especially for beginners can be quite painful and frustrating. Playing guitar is supposed to be fun and if you find it hurts your fingers then you must have been doing it the wrong way. Read the rest of this entry »

The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There

I Saw Her Standing There was recorded at EMI Studios on 11 Feb 1963. Originally titled “Seventeen”, this song was written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon and placed as the opening track of the Beatles debut album Please Please Me, released in the United Kingdom by Parlophone on 22 March 1963.

This song entered the Billboard Hot 100 on 8 February 1964, remaining there for 11 weeks, peaking at #14 and placed on the Cashbox charts for only one week at #100 on the same day of its Billboard debut. In 2004, “I Saw Her Standing There” was ranked #139 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

I Saw Her Standing There


————————A——————————– D7—————–A
Well she was just seventeen, if you know what I mean
And the way she looked was way beyond compare
——- A——————A7————-D——-F————–A————E7———–A
So how could I dance with another, when I saw her standing there

Well she looked at me, and I, I could see
That before too long I’d fall in love with her
She wouldn’t dance with another, when I saw her standing there

Well my heart went boom when I crossed that room
And I held her hand in mine…
Well we danced through the night, and we held each other tight
And before too long I fell in love with her
Now I’ll never dance with another, since I saw her standing there

(Interlude chords same as verse)

Well my heart went boom when I crossed that room
And I held her hand in mine…

Well we danced through the night, and we held each other tight
And before too long I fell in love with her
Now I’ll never dance with another, since I saw her standing there
Since I saw her standing there
Since I saw her standing there

I Saw Her Standing There Chords Diagram

I Saw Her Standing There Chords The Beatles   I Saw Her Standing There

Taylor GS Mini Travel Guitar

A travel guitar like Taylor GS Mini Reduced Scale is probably the best acoustic guitar a beginner may wish. Many beginners prefer smaller guitars because the reduced size allows them to master the fretboard faster. Women, kids and some people suffering from arthritis will also find that playing a travel guitar is easier than playing a normal sized guitar.

There are at least three models of travel guitars made by Taylor Guitars namely Baby Taylor, Big Baby Taylor and Taylor GS Mini. Baby Taylor and its larger sibling Big Baby Taylor are based on dreadnought guitar whilst the Taylor Guitars GS Mini Reduced Scale is inspired by the Taylor’s award-winning Grand Symphony body shape. The GS Mini simply scales the dimensions down without altering or reducing the sound quality that represents the Taylor intonation and playability. Read the rest of this entry »

Guitar Tuner and Guitar Chords Chart in a Box

Guitar tuner is probably one of the must have items a guitar beginner should possess because it can be really frustrating for beginners when they have to do the guitar tuning by themselves. Another obstacle is to learn and memorize all the chords. If you are still experiencing these problems then this gadget below can be a God send to save you from these troubles.

Forget carrying a guitar chords book or pitch pipe. That’s the good news because Qwik Tune has an exciting new digital guitar tuner, pitch pipe and chord finder all in one unit called the Guitar Professor. Read our review here:

Qwik Tune Guitar Professor Chord Finder

Product Dimensions: 3 x 1 x 2 inches
Product Price: $7.37

Overall Rating 45 stars Guitar Tuner and Guitar Chords Chart in a Box

Available on Amazon here.

guitar professor Guitar Tuner and Guitar Chords Chart in a Box

How it Works:

Digital Guitar Tuner Mode: The top center green light indicates when the tone is exactly right while the lighted red arrows to either side indicate a flat or sharp tone.

This digital guitar tuner has a built in microphone to receive analog signals from acoustic guitars. Electric guitars can be tuned easily by means of a cord connection between the tuner and the guitar.

Pitch Pipe Mode is provided if you are relying on your hearing more than your eyes.

Pros: Best deal for a beginner

  • Cheap
  • Combines a basic tuner ( standard guitar tuning only) with a handy chord lookup feature
  • Do both acoustic guitar tuning and electric guitar tuning
  • Two tuning modes: Pitch pipe for ear training and digital guitar tuner for faster and better accuracy
  • A library full of chords at your fingertips, providing 250 preloaded chords
  • Light and fits in your palm
  • Can “hear” the note from a few feet away in an environment relatively free from ambient noise
  • Auto off feature

Cons: It won’t make you the next Eddie Van Halen (Umm … neither do other tuners)

  • Made of plastic but relatively sturdy
  • Can’t tune other than standard tuning (But guitar newbies don’t need drop tuning anyway)
  • Requires an environment relatively free from ambient noise to hear the instrument. Tuning electric guitar should not be a problem because you can plug the guitar cord into this unit

If you are a totally guitar newbie this tool can help you learn guitar faster. You really can’t expect better than this because for less than ten bucks you will get guitar chords chart and guitar tuner.

Guitar Chords Poster

Stick a guitar chords poster on your wall, put on your guitar strap, and away you go! You’ll probably think that buying such guitar chords poster is a waste of money because everything now is search-able and can be downloaded online, including guitar chords chart – thanks to the internet technology. But when was the last time you found a paper printed out of your computer printer could beat a real poster in term of printing quality and size?

To tell you the truth, it’s not easy to find a good printable material from the internet because most of the pictures or charts you find on the websites are formatted for website purpose only. If you want to have them printed at the size of a poster you might face some problems, either your printer can’t do it or the image resolution of the charts doesn’t allow you to have a good print at bigger picture size.

A good guitar chords poster in this case can help beginning guitarists because:

  • It can boost their practicing motivation
  • Easy to reach when needed, no need to stay connected to the internet
  • Some beginners always need a visual aid doesn’t matter how good they are memorizing the chords

To help you find a guitar chords poster that suits your needs best we provided some of them here:

Guitar Chords Chart1 Guitar Chords Poster

This poster is what a guitar beginner needs: It covers Major chords, Minor chords, Dominant 7th chords, Major seventh chords and Minor seventh chords. Each chord chart also has fingering position on the fretboard attached so you can see how to execute the chords clearly. Again, this poster is enough for beginners to start their guitar journey with. The poster has a dimension of 22 inch. x 34 inch. Click HERE to buy it from Amazon at $7.95 only.

Mel Bay Poster Guitar Chords Poster

Mel Bay Guitar Master Chord Wall Chart presents Major, Minor, Dom 7th, Ma 7th, Ma 6th, Minor 7th, Minor 6th, Diminished and Augmented chords in diagram form on all root notes. Also includes a note finder chart for the first 20 frets of the guitar. 35″ x 24″ durable coated paper. Suitable for intermediate guitar players or beginners whom want to learn more advanced chords. Click HERE to buy it from Amazon at $8.99 only.

Pros: Has more chords compared to the basic guitar chords poster above so you’ll get busy learning new advanced chords here.

Cons: No chords fingering pictures provided.

MelBay Chords Substitution Chart Guitar Chords Poster

This chart will help you a lot if you are interested in building chords progression. Spice up any chord progression by applying the most common chord substitutions used in Western music. Substitutions illustrated in this chart include vi for I, ii for V, tritone, diatonic chord substitutions, and others. Each concept is presented with a table showing the proper chord assignment in all twelve keys. With string names and the natural notes labeled as they apply to the fretboard, this wall chart provides a wealth of information. Click HERE to buy it from Amazon at $8.99 only.

These posters look good on your room or studio wall. Anytime you fail to memorize the chords you can always take a quick glance at this guitar chords poster for help.

Easy Guitar Chords Chart – A Major

Guitar chords chart can be tough to read if you don’t have the basic idea about how a chord is constructed. Let us take the most basic chords, the major chords family. Today we will start from the A major. First have a look at the open string standard tuning of your guitar:

OPENTUNING Easy Guitar Chords Chart   A Major

A chord ideally should have at least 3 notes which are the root or first note, the third note and the fifth note. Now you have to build the chord on the fretboard but before doing that first we have to identify which notes are the first, the third and the fifth notes. Let’s start with the first rule of the major scale which is the Natural Scale formula. You’ve probably learned this scale already: Read the rest of this entry »