Blues Guitar Lesson – 4 Notes Improvisation

Good day folks. Today we will see how to build a solid guitar solo from four notes only. The blues guitar lesson is provided free for you by Griff Hamlin. Enjoy!

This blues guitar solo effectively utilized the two thinnest strings only, the E and B at fret #8 and fret #10. You will need to apply the string bending technique on this solo. If you don’t know how to bend the guitar strings we will talk about it in the future post. Hamlin played the blues in A Dominant 7 but used the A Minor pentatonic scale in this lesson. Note that the four notes he mentioned were G, A, C and D. Because C is actually a note belongs to the A minor scale he raised the C by bent it half step to C# to become the major third note belongs to the A Major scale. The chords he played were A7, D7 and E7 which were a chord family of the A Major chord. Blues and rock ‘n roll music commonly use dominant seven chords (meaning they use major chords like the video lessons here) but most of the time the lead guitarist use minor pentatonic scale instead of major pentatonic scale. That is the beauty of the minor pentatonic scale and I hope you can see now how important it is to master this scale before learning other scales.

Download the 4-note-solo video lesson and see how you can utilize 4 notes to play a blues solo.You will need a Windows Media Player to play the file which is normally already available in your computer. In this video Hamlin explained how to build a blues solo with 4 notes only but I would say that actually there were at least 5 notes played because one note (D on the 1st string, 10th fret) sometimes was full-step bent to E note. Bending a note by full step means you have to bend the string to reach a note that is two frets higher than the original note, for example from C to D, D to E, F to G, G to A and A to B whilst bending a note by half step will give you a note that is one fret higher, i.e. from E to F and B to C.

If you are new to string bending technique you will find that it’s not easy to bend the string even by half step only but don’t worry because I will post some tricks to make it easier for a guitar newbie.

Try to play the solo by yourself and see if you can repeat what Hamlin did on the video. If you find it difficult you can download the 4-note-solo.pdf for your guidance. You can ignore the musical notation if you don’t want to and read the guitar tab only to see where you should place your fingers on the guitar fretboard.

If you find this free guitar course is useful and are interested to learn more about how to play blues guitar solo you may consider to join Griff Hamlin‘s blues secret tutorial.

Happy Bending!
Beginner Guitar Lessons Admin

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